less religion

Religion, as we often think of it, is usually too focused on a set of beliefs or rules to follow rather than emphasizing the sin-forgiving, soul-healing, life-giving relationship that Jesus offers. Religion tends to focus on what people need to do to get right with God and can worsen our fear, guilt and shame. The gospel on the other hand, which is the good news about what Jesus did to restore the broken relationship between us and God, is all about His grace and mercy which give us true freedom and a forever family. When we say "more Jesus, less religion" we're talking about how the gospel emphasizes God's love and grace that builds us up rather than our guilt and shame that weighs us down.

Building a legacy of love

When everyday people seek to live and love like Jesus as spiritual family, a legacy of love is born. Our dream is to see this legacy of love multiply throughout the region, from house to house and generation to generation like it did in the early church in Acts 2:42-47. This legacy is about everyday people practicing the way of Jesus together to help more people meet, experience and follow Him.

Share life together

People are meant to share life together. Micro/house churches are the primary environment we experience authentic community, engage a lifestyle of passionate worship and partner on mission to reach & bless more peole. We emphasize intentional discipleship gatherings because they most directly reflect Jesus' ministry with his 12 disciples. At the heart of discipleship is the desire to be with Jesus, become more like Jesus and develop the desire and ability to do what Jesus did and taught us to do.

Find a Micro/House Church Near You

A micro-church (MC) is a simple gathering for intentional discipleship that's centered on the gospel of Jesus. Each micro-church is a unique community of people who are partnered together on some part of God's mission in the world. While Legacy 242 micro-churches are as diverse as the people who make them up, and meet at different times and places, they all maintain a shared commitment to helping more people meet Jesus, experience his life changing love and become devoted followers. Click any of the photos below to learn more or connect with a micro-church.
Bellmawr with the Bressler's on Fridays
New MC coming in Deptford!
Runnemede with the Sturtevant's on Thursdays
Westville with the Louis's on Wednesdays

Gather on Sundays

Sunday Gatherings - 10am

While multiplying micro-churches is essential to our strategy, we also host weekly Sunday Gatherings.
Sunday gatherings provide a space for the body of Christ to worship God through singing and music, learn from the Scriptures, pray with & for one another, respond to the Holy Spirit's guidance, and participate in communion and baptisms.

Check out our events page to stay up to date on the latest regarding Sunday Gatherings and other upcoming events.


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