For us Microchurches (MC's for short), are the front lines and heart of the church. As believers, we need a place for the gospel to work itself out in our lives among others who can love, challenge and encourage  us. We also need some space in our lives to work through the reality that God has asked us to make disciples. That can seem like a scary thing initially but eventually it becomes the most awesome thing we get to do. When we are surrounded in community that is committed to the gospel and one another, we are empowered to live out the gospel in the natural rhythms of life. As we struggle and make mistakes, this community becomes a safe place to learn, grow and press into the mission God has called us to. You can learn more below. Then fill out this Connect Card whenever you're to take the next step.

What is a microchurch?

A microchurch is much more than a small group, weekly event, or Bible study. Instead, an MC is a learning family of servant witnesses.  Therefore, MC's do life on life, life in community, and life on mission all centered on the gospel. MC's provide what we believe is a holistic all-of-life approach to living out our faith journey. Our aim is for each MC to take on a life of it's own fashioned after the example of Jesus and his disciples. Imagine MC's scattered throughout South Jersey that are blessing people as they demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus. That is what a legacy of love in South Jersey looks like - a legacy much like the first century church in Acts 2:42-47.

What do MC's Do?

Every microchurch is unique. The key to understanding an MC is to understand a believer's new identity in Christ. As family we share meals and love one another. As servants we seek to provide for one another and the needs of people around us. Lastly, as witnesses we intentionally pursue people in order to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus and make disciples. All of this is an effort to make disciples who make disciples. Each MC identifies a group of people they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and share Jesus with. It could be a neighborhood, a network of relationships, a local school's sports team, a recovery house, or a food pantry. We want to see everyone in South Jersey and beyond blessed by God's people.