Legacy Kids Ministry

Hey Parents, at Legacy 242 we’re on a mission to help more people meet, experience and follow Jesus. That includes our kids! We believe that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in the lives of their children. That may sound scary, but don’t worry. We want to equip and support you in this.

What every parent should know

1. Your kids are safe!

The safety of your children is our top priority. All of our adult serve team members are background checked and trained to keep your kids safe. We have policies in place and we follow them. While you’re enjoying our worship service, you can relax knowing that your children are in a safe, clean, and loving environment!

2. Your kids are learning about Jesus and the Bible!

Every interaction we have with your children is an opportunity to show them God’s love and truth. We use The Gospel Project to teach them that the Bible is all about Jesus in a way that they can understand. Although we encourage parents to teach their children at home, we also want kids to have a great learning experience on Sundays.

3. Your kids are having fun!

Fun at church? Absolutely! Kids learn better when they’re having fun. That’s why we pack every kids gathering with fun games and interactive teaching. We want our kids to be excited about church on Sunday. Most importantly, we want our kids to desire a relationship with Jesus and his people, the church.