Every Believer equipped

How will Legacy 242 equip me to build a legacy? We offer numerous experiences and training's that are designed to equip everyone in the church to be a blessing and grow as disciples, disciple-makers, and leaders in their home, workplace, and  place of recreation. We believe the local church should take responsibility for the equipping of God's people and the development of leaders (Eph. 4). Therefore, we  help every believer discover their God-given calling and grow up into maturity in Christ. From basic classes on the Bible to a thorough Bible College level education, we want to see every believer equipped for life and ministry. When you are ready to take your next step please text us at 856-219-4448 and we'll help you get plugged in to the training that is best for you.

  • Know the Legacy

    Know the Legacy is an hour long lunch meeting designed to give the best snapshot of who Legacy 242 is, why we exist, and what we're up to. We invite you to join us for this vision casting lunch where you will meet our leaders and hear the story, mission, vision, strategy, and biblical roots of Legacy 242. This is best for those who are asking, "Is Legacy 242 right for me?" and those who are new to our church family.

    Text "Know the Legacy" to 856-219-4448 to sign-up or get more info

  • Starting Point

    Starting Point is a four-part training experience designed to help you discover your unique design and how it fits within God's mission in the world and church. Ultimately, Starting Point supports unity and alignment for the health of the church. We cover topics like, "What does the church believe? What does it mean to be Christian? How should we pursue healthy relationships? What spiritual gifts and personality type has God given me? And, how do I use my life experiences and passions for the glory of God, the good of others, and my maximum joy?"

    Text "Starting Point" to 856-219-4448 to register or get more info

  • Foundations

    Foundations is a course designed to teach the key truths about God, mankind, life, and the Bible. It seeks to draw the big theological picture of Scripture through 13 themes that are in line with the story of the Bible. The course addresses topics like the nature of God, how God speaks, creation, the Imago Dei, the fall of mankind, the promises & pursuit of God, the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus, the people & mission of God, how God transforms us, the stewardship God gave us and the coming Kingdom of God. The 13 classes in this course lay a solid foundation for every believer to build on.

    Text "Foundations" to 856-219-4448 to register or get more info

  • The Change Project

    The Change Project is a biblical group counseling experience that will help you grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally.  These small groups are gender specific of around 4-6 adults, confidential, are led by trained biblical counselors and typically last 15 weeks.  Group members are challenged to grow in authenticity and "stir up one another in love and good works," (Hebrews 10:24) within a safe setting.  The Change Project will set you on a trajectory to gain further understanding and freedom from the pains of your past, current, and future struggles.  

    Text "Change Project" to 856-219-4448 to register or get more info

  • Legacy Builders

    Legacy Builders is a nine-month, intensive leadership development program used for discipleship and training of leaders for the church, workplace, and every sphere of life. We examine the good news of Jesus with a powerfully personalized approach that invites gospel-centered transformation. Your study will progress through four quarters, or main stages of understanding and applying the gospel. First we establish groundwork in the grand narrative of the Bible (Q1), then seek to apply the gospel to our own hearts (Q2). We then address the specific mission of God's people (Q3), before addressing how to faithfully lead in our vocations, and neighborhoods (Q4). We utilize Surge School to provide individual study, regular round tables, and quarterly intensives to bring a strategic yet holistic education.

    Legacy Builders also opens the door for those interested in pursuing church leadership, pastoral ministry, or church planting. Those called can get further training in theology, biblical interpretation, preaching, counseling, or pastoral shepherding after completing Surge School.

    Text "Legacy Builders" to 856-219-4448 to get more info

  • Training for Deacons/Directors, Elders/Pastors and Church Planters

    All of our Training is a residency model designed to equip and support men and women who are called to church leadership. The residency is tailored to each persons unique call, gifting, and experience to ensure that they are well prepared to support and/or plant a healthy, effective, God-glorifying, mission-serving church. Our residencies range from one to three years based on the developmental needs of each individual. Legacy 242 provides coaching, training, resources and ongoing support.

    Text "Training" to 856-219-4448 to get more info